Greenpak Foodsaver Embossed Sous Vide  vacuum sealer Bags for Lamb Rib

Greenpak Foodsaver Embossed Sous Vide vacuum sealer Bags for Lamb Rib

Product description

Greenpak Embossed Sous Vide Bags for Lamb Rib Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Bags


GreenPak vacuum sealer bags with special cross pattern, allowing you to vacuum sealing machine work better. Embossed on one side only, the other side is smooth, the air still gives the best of both worlds right out, but the clear side can be used for demonstration purposes and perfect sealing project view. Actually some brands of vacuum sealer specifically requested this exact type of packaging; Embossed sous vide bags will be used with any vacuum sealers.


·Highly suitable for home vacuum sealers such as the FoodSaver, Seal-A-Meal

·Keep the product fresh and free of preservatives

·Used for freezing, Sous vide cooking 

·Custom manufacturing based on your needs

·Significantly extend the shelf life

·FDA approved and food grade

Application of Embossed Sous Vide Bags

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1. Are you a manufacturer?

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Vacuum sealer bags, lidding films, forming films, shrink bags and so on

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Normally our MOQ is 50,000pcs~100,000pcs. It depend on the specific size of each product.


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