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Difference between Lamination Film and Extrusion Film
Jun 28, 2017

Difference between Lamination Film and Extrusion Film

Lamination and extrusion are common manufacturing processes used to create a variety of building products, including bathroom partitions and lockers. These processes, although significantly different, can produce materials that look very similar to the untrained eye. The purpose of this article is to explain some of the fundamental differences between a laminated article and an extruded article.


There are three major differences between laminated materials and extruded materials.

 1. Laminated products are a composite material that is made up of multiple layers of different materials. The key word is different. On the other hand, extruded products comprise a single layer of one primary material called an extrudate.

 2. Since laminated products are made up of multiple layers, these layers need to be assembled into the final unit. This is accomplished by heating, compressing, welding or gluing the layers together. If the materials in the various layers are substantially different, this can complicate the assembly process. Incompatible materials may be difficult to bond together, and potentially require multiple steps to achieve a satisfactory bond. Extruded products, on the other hand, are not assembled, glued or bonded. They consist of a single layer or extrudate.

 3. Some laminated materials undergo a mode of failure called delamination. This occurs when a stress or impact causes the bonds holding the different layers together to separate. Since extruded materials are a single material throughout, not layers bonded together, there is nothing to separate and therefore delamination cannot occur.

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