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Green Packaging
Jun 15, 2017

Green Packaging, also called pollution-free packaging or environmental friendly package, refers to the packaging which is harmless to ecological environment and human health, is regeneration, can be reused, and accords with sustainable development.

Its philosophy has two aspects, the protection of environment and the saving of natural resources, which are supplement each other and indivisible. The former is the core, and the latter is closely related to it in that the saving of natural resources can reduce castoff.

Packaging reduction-To satify the conditions of the functions, such as protection, convenience, and marketing etc., green packagign should be the moderate packaging which has the fewest usage of material.

Packaging products should not pollute the environment during the whole life cycle. That is to say, packagign products should not cause public hazard to human body and environment during the whole process of their life, including the collection of raw materials, material processing, manufacture of products, use of products, recycle of rubbish, and the final disposal.

We, GreenPak focus on the idea of green packaging of protecting the environment and conserving resources for the benefit of human events.


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