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GreenPak Barrier Films for Making Air Column Bags
Apr 21, 2018

Air column bags, also known as buffer air column bags, air bags, bubble column bags, and column air bags, are new packaging materials filled with natural air in the 21st century.

Under normal conditions of use, the original material (film) or finished product (air cushion) is completely clean and will not cause any contamination. AIR-BAG gas packaging bag is a new packaging system that uses air cushioning to cover the product and protect the packaged product. It is not only filled and supported. Provide long-term storage and transportation of air-tight seismic protection, air column-type comprehensive coverage of the buffer protection, the damage rate to a minimum. Compared with traditional fillers, there is no large gap in the packaging box, and items are often displaced during transportation. This results in damage. Even if external forces are encountered, AIR-BAG's personal design can use air cushions to distribute pressure to avoid damage.

Characteristics of Buffer gas bag 

1. the material is non-toxic, recyclable, no environmental problems.

2. All the production process is tailored to the computer, without the need to make molds, and the delivery time is fast and low cost.

3. simple packaging, improve protection, save shipping, reduce storage space.

4. enhance product packaging appearance.

5. Automatic air lock after inflation.

6. Even if an air column breaks, it will not affect the buffer protection of the entire air bag.


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