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Packaging of Vacuum Pouches
Jan 12, 2018
Pouches in the Case


Less space is used for avoiding damage.

500pcs per case; 

All cases is customized for each order.

Labels on the Case


One label is on the front; 

Another is one the side; 

All labels are  on the  left of the side.

Pallets Packaging


Wood boards are used for clarifying each size and making pallet stronger.

Pallet Corner boards are added to strengthen box’s corners, prevent pallet from damage.

More pallet wraps at bottom can make pallet more solid, forbid contamination.

Ties with shape of #cross is used for fixing the pallet to make it more stable and safe.

One pallet, only one size pouches; 

Keep whole height  almost same and consistent when every two pallets are stacked.

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