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Sous vide cooking and bags
Jun 23, 2017


Sous vide is an innovative method of slow cooking food in a water bath. Fresh ingredients are vacuum sealed in a pocket and placed in water pre-heated to a specific temperature. Foods are cooked slower, at a lower heat and for a longer time, to enhance the flavour and texture of the natural ingredients.

Sous vide is effectively a much more clever and intuitive cooking method than using a bain marie or steamer, and a much healthier alternative to deep frying. And it gives melt-in-the-mouth results!

Virtually any food can be cooked in a sous vide water bath, as long as it is vacuum packed first. Popular sous vide recipes include steak, chicken or fish, but vegetables are also delicious cooked in a water bath.



What they are: These bags have strong seams that are specifically designed for higher temperatures (above 158 °F / 70 °C). They’re also vacuum sealable, but you don’t need a vacuum sealer to use them. Simply drape the opening of the bag over the side of your pot and clip it there or secure it with the lid.

Where to find them: You can get sous vide bags from GreenPak too.

When to use: These are definitely the best option when you’re cooking foods that require temperatures above 158 °F / 70 °C—vegetables, lentils, beans, and certain braised meats—but you can also skip the ziplock-styles and make these your go-to bags. They’ll work great for any sous vide preparation.

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