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Typical shelf lives of vacuum packaged products
Oct 09, 2017

All vacuum packaged foods must be top quality, fresh and prepared in a sanitary method in order to reach optimum shelf life. In addition, shelf life can be affected by acidity, pH level, temperature and ingredients. Vacuum packaging is not a substitute for canning. Perishable food must be refrigerated. Some typical shelf lives of vacuum packaged refrigerated products, as compared to normal refrigeration, are:

Item                             Normal Refrigerated Life                                       32° to 35°F  (Vacuum Packing) 

Fresh Beef & Veal                 1-2 weeks                                                                6 weeks Fresh 

Pork                                      1-2 weeks                                                                 2 weeks 

Smoked Fish                         1-2 weeks                                                                 6-12 weeks 

Fresh Fish                              1-2 days                                                                   1 week 

Fresh Produce                       2-4 days                                                                   1-2 weeks 

Fresh Poultry                         1-2 days                                                                   1 week

Smoked Meats                      2-4 weeks                                                                 6-12 weeks 

Pizza                                      1-2 days                                                                   1 week

Cheese                                   1-1,5 weeks                                                             6-12 weeks

Sliced Deli Meats                   1-2 days                                                                  6-12 weeks

(Typical Shrink Loss 0,5 to 1,5 without vacuum packaging) The above shelf lives may vary and can be affected by product freshness, acidity, pH level, temperature, ingredients, sanitation and laminates used in pouch construction.

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