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What is the difference between frozen vacuum bag and quick-frozen vacuum bag?
Aug 08, 2018

How to correctly distinguish between frozen vacuum bags and quick-freezing vacuum bags, frozen vacuum bags and quick-freezing vacuum bags, we generally think it is the same, because they are all foods that can be frozen, which also gives us the illusion that these two The bags are the same, but if you compare them from a professional perspective, there is a difference in performance, material or use.

First of all, in terms of performance, the frozen vacuum bag is to say that the food in the package is frozen and the storage period and shelf life are extended by refrigeration; while the quick-wrap vacuum bag is used in the case of rapid freezing to extend the interior. The freshness of the food.

Secondly, in terms of use, the frozen vacuum bag is generally suitable for fresh meat, meat food and seafood. The quick-wrap vacuum packaging bag is widely used, not only can package fresh meat, meat food and seafood, but also can be used. For packaging pasta, fruit and even vegetables.

Finally, in terms of packaging materials, the frozen vacuum bag only needs to use cold and water resistant film. However, the film of the quick-wrap vacuum bag requires that the film has barrier properties in addition to cold and water resistance.


The above are some differences between the frozen vacuum bag and the quick-freezing vacuum packaging bag. According to these differences, the packaging bag customer can pay attention to the reference when choosing which packaging bag.

Speed and frozen products generally choose aluminum-plated vacuum bags, aluminum foil vacuum bags or other nylon composite vacuum bags. At this time, they can also be selected according to customer requirements. Different materials have different properties, such as plating. The aluminum is highly decorative, and the aluminum foil has good light-proof and moisture-proof properties. You can choose different materials according to the requirements of the product.

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