Transparent Laminated Film Rolls for Food Packaging

Transparent Laminated Film Rolls for Food Packaging

Product description

Transparent Laminated Film Rolls for Food Packaging

Also known as: laminated packing film; plastic lamination film


GreenPak Lamination films provide the inner sealant layer in a lamination. They can be applied at high speed, melting, molding, dessert, coffee and quick frozen (IQF). They are typically used to hold PET instead of printing or other thin film to protect the graphics scratch.


·Keep the product fresh and free of preservatives

·High gloss and optics, pre and post shrink

·Good properties on gas barrier, moisture proof

·Excellent scuff-and-scratch-resistance.

·Different types of sealing layers, and anti-fog properties

·Longer shelf life, storage time


1.How to distinguish which is laminated bag?

Supermarket shopping bags for HDPE material, good toughness, not easy deformation, if too much force will deformation; General commodity packaging is compound bag, also can use the way of tensile test, compound bag is very difficult to drawing;

Printed bags is easy to distinguish, if the printing pattern or font can erase easily are single layer bag; otherwise it is lamiated bag;

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