High Barrier Lidding Film for Red Meat Food Packaging Film

High Barrier Lidding Film for Red Meat Food Packaging Film

Product description

High Barrier lidding Film for Red Meat Food Packaging Film

Also known as: top lidding film; barrier film packaging; food packaging film


GreenPak Top cover film, with a range of high performance PA/EVOH based on flexible 9,7,5-layer co-extrusion barrier films, for Top Web & MAP tray cover membrane, Flow Pack applications. High barrier films are ideal for the ready pallet on the cover, as well as all the hot forming filling sealing line on the top of the net.


·Can be chilled, frozen, micro waved for all tray types

·Excellent sealing properties

·Effective transparency and antifog, Stylish gloss 

·Can be used for printing, not printing, natural, color and color film

·Great properties like easy peel and anti-fog

Application of Top Lidding Film    


GreenPak’s top lidding  film has great variety of applications, like Cheese, Smoked and Processed Meat, Ready Meals.




1.What’s the production process of lidding film?

(1)The engraving (printing mould)

(2) Printing

(3) Laminating



(6)Bag making

(7)Factory inspection

(8)Finished product packing

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