High Barrier PA/EVOH/PE Lidding Film

High Barrier PA/EVOH/PE Lidding Film

High Barrier Lid/Lidding Film, Thermalforming Lidding Films, Jelly Packaging Films manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Barrier Lid/Lidding Film, High Barrier Food Vacuum Packaging Films or Bags, PA/PE Cooked Food Packaging Bag and so on.
Product description
If our high barrier pa/evoh/pe lidding film caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the quality, healthy and safe products for sale. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various food packaging materials in China, we must be your best choice. For more info, welcome to contact our factory.


  • Material: EVOH

  • Feature: Multi-Layer Co-Extruded Film

  • Usage: Packaging Bag

  • Origin: China

  • Transparency: Transparent

  • Processing Type: Multiple Extrusion

Product Performance
1. With high barrier property, optimizing shelf life of food;
2. Good transparence and appearance, good thickness variation and excellent heat-sealing property;
3. Special layer-to-layer structure to provide excellent mechanical property and processing adaptability;
4. Can be boiled. Processing equipments are the latest Nine-layer equipments made by Germany.

Product Description
Coextruded film is a five-layer film. As ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymers, EVOH, colorless transparent, is an excellent barrier material. It, extending shelf life of goods and providing transparent visual effect, is applied in packaging of food, beverage and easily oxidized products as barrier layer of composites.

EVOH is excellent in oil resistance, organic solvent resistance and long-time fragrance-holding performance and prevents unfavorable gases from penetrating inside.

Since the product is multi-layer extruded, there cannot remain any residual solvents. Meanwhile, because of its easily recovered property and producing no hazardous gases after burning, it is reputed as green environmental friendly material and is gradually gaining attention of the world, showing the most potential market growth trend.

It is widely applied in meat packaging, fresh food packaging and medicine packaging.

Technique Data
1. Test Condition: 20o C, 65%RH (Except as otherwise provided by test methods. )
2. EVOH=15u
Attention: Above data is measured value, not specified value.
Product Storage Conditions: The product is made of plastic raw materials, easily burning, please store it in 5o C~35o C dry and well-ventilated environment, and keep it away from heat source at least 1m away.

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