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Application Status Of High Barrier Packaging
May 25, 2017

Today, high-performance barrier film or high barrier packaging is widely used in the food industry. Some scholars in Western countries have analyzed that the application of high barrier packaging is more common in Europe and Japan than in the United States. In Western Europe and Japan, consumers attach great importance to the quality of food, and food consumption is more socially oriented, and in North America it seems to be more personalized, meaning that they prefer foods that are fast, hotter and fresher.

In the United States very early attention to the application of high barrier materials. In fact, the United States is at the forefront of other countries in the world in terms of coextrusion technology. However, the United States has a number of advanced methods are also imported from other industrialized countries. In other areas where high barrier-resistant packaging is commonly used, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and increasingly thriving pet food are included. An important reason for the rapid development of high barrier flexible packaging system is that this kind of packaging can prevent the spread of bacteria. Many of these new types of soft packaging are also in development, with some metal foil or sprayed metal layer to form a high barrier, and some are also fitted with a zipper or similar structure.

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