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Considerations For Vacuum Bags
May 25, 2017

1. Pumping air pump good or bad test: to tighten their own face, and then pumping gas, if feel the suction on the pump is fine.

2. If the bag after the time of the drum rise phenomenon, in addition to the sealing is not strict, on the one hand, bags in the quilt and other things will release gas, will also reduce the vacuum degree, on the other hand, from the physical point of view, the material is also a gap, due to the role of negative pressure, the passage of time air molecules will also be "squeezed into" the bag, the vacuum effect will gradually reduce.

3. Leather, down products can be placed in this product storage, but not completely compressed.

4. Clothes should be removed from their wrapping paper or packing bag before they are put into the collection bag, otherwise it will affect the compression effect.

5. Put in the collection of clothing, please fully dry. Do not need to use insect-proof agents, preservatives, etc., otherwise it will result in the acquisition of goods discoloration, deterioration and so on.

6. The bag has cracked or broken a small mouth can be used for common wide-edge Scotch tape on both sides of the stick, close together on it.

7, prevent too much water left in the bag, if a place temperature is relatively low, it will condense into water droplets.

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