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Maintenance Of Vacuum Sealing Machine
May 25, 2017

Vacuum Sealer Maintenance Core is the maintenance of the vacuum pump, so we call the maintenance of the vacuum pump.

1, the replacement of exhaust filters

If the pump temperature is significantly higher, the motor current reaches or exceeds the rated current, the pump outlet has lampblack to produce, then should check whether the exhaust filter plug, such as plugging, should be replaced in a timely manner. Can be at the pump refueling hole place

Install the exhaust pressure gauge to check if the filter is clogged. The exhaust filter can be replaced when the pressure exceeds 0.6bar (table pressure).

2, replace the vacuum pump oil and oil filters

If the oil is polluted and blackened, emulsified or thickened should be timely change oil. Oil filter should be changed at the same time. Please clean the pump before adding the new oil.

3. Vacuum Pump Oil

XD and XQ series vacuum pumps shall use the vacuum pump oil provided by the compound Sho528-92 standard. The ambient temperature is 0 Shan ~ Shan using a Iso-VG32 viscosity grade vacuum pump oil. Ambient temperature in 10 Shan ~ Shan using a Iso-Vg100 viscosity grade vacuum pump oil (for the original.

The vacuum pump must keep the oil level at the 1 2 3 4 of the oil window. The contamination of oil level and oil should be regularly inspected (recommended once a week).

4, Cleaning suction filter net

The suction strainer should be kept clean so as not to reduce the pumping speed.

5, storage

If the pump is not used for a long time, the oil should be put out and clean the pump, and then injected with the prescribed new oil in the dry place.

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