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PE Film
May 25, 2017

The permeability of PE film is larger, and its permeability is decreased with the increase of density. PE film is moisture-proof, moisture permeability is small. Polyethylene film (PE) according to the different manufacturing methods and control methods, can produce low density, medium density, high-density polyethylene and cross-linked polyethylene and other products of different properties.

Low Density polyethylene

Its density is about 0. 92g Cm3 around. Low-density polyethylene film transparency and thermal seal good, can waterproof, moisture-proof, tensile strength is low, stretching elongation rate is large, easy to wrinkle, 0. 03mm under the film, tension control should be small, and the tension should be constant everywhere, especially when the heat is more easily deformed, resulting in chromatic difficulties. Therefore, the surface temperature of the film should not be too high (within 550C) when drying. According to the different film forming process, can be divided into blow molding film (IPE), casting Film (CPE), low foam film and so on. The tensile strength and openings of IPE films are better than CPE films, and the positive printing can be used as food bags, clothing bags, etc. CPE film thickness uniformity, surface gloss, transparency and thermal sealing than PE, can be printed on the reverse side, but high production costs. The CPE film is mainly used as the inner layer of the compound bag and the packing of cosmetics, pickles and pastry; Low foamed film is good in decoration, thick in texture, not easy to stretch and deformed, and used positive printing, used for pictures, trademarks and hand bags.

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