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Warmly Welcome The SQF Experts Team Come For Application Guidance
Oct 19, 2017

SQF (safety quality food) is the highest standard about safety and quality system of the world's food industry. It is derived from the food safety and quality assurance system standards of the food chain-related enterprises developed by Australian Agriculture Committee. At present, SQF2000 is recognized by the American Food Retail Industry Association (FMI). SQF2000 is the standard which joint HACCP and ISO9000 systems together, and minimize the dual certification cost for enterprise on the quality and safety system. The standard is very comprehensive and operable.

We here at GreenPak, warmly welcome the SQF experts team come for certification application guidance.

It is not only a big progress for GreenPak but also a milestone.In the past 5 years, we build a strong foundation for the application and do a lot of basic work, but it returns today.

With all employees'contribution, the GreenPak family grow bigger and bigger, and this achievement and the glory belong to GreenPak and everyone.

Meanwhile, let us work hard together for the next 5 years and grow together with GreenPak!


GreenPak is a a manufacturer of flexible packaging material, such as vacuum pouches&films,embossed bags and rolls,forming films and lidding films,lamination&printed pouches. Our vacuum pouch and film is widely used for storage of dairy, sauce,poultry,processed meat and seafood.

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