Custom Printed Films Printed Plastic Bags for Food Packaging

Custom Printed Films Printed Plastic Bags for Food Packaging

Product description

Custom Printed Films printed plastic bags for food packaging

Also known as: printed food films, printed plastic packaging


GreenPak Print film is the economical way to bring your products to the final user. It can promote the production/marketing test, if necessary text changes due to there is no plate/cylinder involved. Printing film is ideal for fresh, frozen and dry food market with high quality, 10-color flexographic printing, provides high resolution graphics capabilities.


·Suitable for horizontal and vertical filling and sealing machines

·Perfect sealing performance with wide temperature range

·Keep the product fresh and free of preservatives

·Effective transparency, Stylish gloss, high puncture resistance and easy to tear

·Excellent mechanical properties, low thickness, cost-effective

·High oxygen and moisture barrier films

·Up to ten colors



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