Customized Packaging Safe Surface Printed Vacuum Pouches For Food

Customized Packaging Safe Surface Printed Vacuum Pouches For Food

An eye catching packaging has more chance to be chosen among others.Since surface printing have their own requirements, minor adjustments may sometimes be suggested, either in order to eliminate issues that could compromise the quality of the final result or to spot redundant colors, thus eliminating excessive costs. We also verify the proposed artwork to check if the information that will appear on your packaging meets the actual food labelling rules.
Product description


GreenPak food Printed Vacuum Pouches are made of PA/PE 9 layer co-extruded vacuum bagging film and used good raw materials imported from Dupont, BASF, Exxomobile ;  Our Printed Vacuum Pouches are e more flexible – highly improved the packaging qulality.


In rotogravure printing, the gravure roller rotates directly in the inlk fountain, and the excess ink is wiped from the flat surface, the non-image area, with a flexible doctor blade. The ink remaining in the etching, the image areas, is the transferred directly to the plastic material on the pressure of printing as it passes between the plate and the impression cylinders.


High printing quality

Massiveness of ink layer

Vivid color and high color saturation

Distinctness of image gradation

High degree of automation 

Higher print speed and pressrun than any other types of printing



9 layer Multilayers Co-extrusion PA/PE film

Seal Format

3 sides sealed, 2 side sealed, bottom sealed


3mil/70um; other thickness  also be available.

Sealing Temp Range

120-175 C, 248-347 F

Tensile Strength and OTR values

2-3 cc/100 sq in


Up to 9 color surface printing


FDA/CFIA/SGS/ISO compliant. BPA free.


1.What kind of printing? Gravure printing and flexible printing?

Intaglio printing: a method of direct printing, it will be contained in the pits of gravure printing ink directly imprinted on the substrates.

Flexible printing: an elastic embossed version will ink transferred to the printing on the substrates.

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