PA/PE Custom 3 Side Sealing Printed Vacuum Pouches Plastic Packaging Bags

PA/PE Custom 3 Side Sealing Printed Vacuum Pouches Plastic Packaging Bags

Product description

PA/PE Custom 3 Side Sealing Printed Vacuum Pouches Plastic Packaging Bags

Also known as: plastic packaging bags, flat printed bags


GreenPak Clear food Printed Vacuum Pouches are constructed of PA/PE 9 layer co-extruded barrier vacuum bagging film and used good imported raw materials; our Printed Vacuum Pouches are easy to use and more flexible – highly improved the packaging speed.

Our reverse printing method provides great protection for your packaging design. Because the ink is protected between the laminate, so after giving birth will not scratch or smear, so bring you a vibrant and attractive packaging. All inks used are captured within the material layer, which protects food and physical contact with any ink.



9 layer Multilayer Co-extrusion PA/PE film

Seal Format

3 sides sealed, 2 side sealed, bottom sealed


3mil/70um; other thickness  also be available.

Sealing Temp Range

120-175 C, 248-347 F

Tensile Strength and OTR values

2-3 cc/100 sq in


Up to 9 color surface printing


FDA/CFIA/SGS/ISO compliant. BPA free.


·Used for food packaging in the industrial products

·Perfect sealing performance with wide temperature range

·Excellent mechanical properties, low thickness, cost-effective

·Extensive oxygen transmission rate

·Good properties on gas barrier, moisture proof

·Can customize the size, structure and tone, pocket-friendly prices

·Extend shelf life, storage time

Application of Printed Vacuum Pouches


Common in use for seafood, cheese, vegetables, chicken, beef, tofu .etc.


1.What kind of printing? Gravure printing and flexible printing?

Intaglio printing: a method of direct printing, it will be contained in the pits of gravure printing ink directly imprinted on the substrates.

Flexible printing: an elastic embossed version will ink transferred to the printing on the substrates.

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