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    • 65μm High Barrier PA/PE Film

      Contact Now65μm High Barrier PA/PE FilmBARRIER FILM-PAPE Description: Multilayer high barrier film One side corona treated Both sides heat sealable Suitable for single ply and lamination Suitable for thermoforming vacuum packaging and as top lid or bottom tray Propert ies : Excellent barrier properties Good mechanical strength after...Read More

    • Food Safe PA/PE Oxygen Proof Barrier Vacuum Pouches

      Contact NowFood Safe PA/PE Oxygen Proof Barrier Vacuum Pouches6x8,6x10,8x10,8x12,10x10,10x12,14x16,14x18,22x26 customized sizes,suitable for meat,seafood,fish,sausage,cheese,etcRead More

    • Greenvac Blue Nylon/PE Vacuum Pouch Manufacturer And Supplier

      Contact NowGreenvac Blue Nylon/PE Vacuum Pouch Manufacturer And SupplierBasic info: Environmental safety, durable, beautiful appearance, prevent puncture, high resistance, vacuum for fresh, prevent taste change, prevent light, anti-oxidation, sun-proof, long valid period; Use for duck, chicken, peanut, meat...Various shape, size, color, pattern are available; Can...Read More

    • 250 X 350mm 3-side Seal Vacuum Pouch

      Contact Now250 X 350mm 3-side Seal Vacuum PouchProduct Details Description GreenPak clear food vacuum pouches are constructed of PA/PE 9 layer co-extruded barrier vacuum bagging film and used good imported raw materials; our vacuum pouches are easy to use and more flexible – highly improved the packaging speed.Also provides oxygen...Read More

    • GreenPak 90um Clear 3 side seals Vacuum Pouch manufacturer

      Contact NowGreenPak 90um Clear 3 side seals Vacuum Pouch manufacturerGreenPak 90um clear sealer vacuum pouches for poultry packaging Vacuum Pouches – Uses and Applications Long term storage of dry foods : Nuts, cereals, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish, coffee, crisps and powders. S hort term storage of fresh foods: Vegetables, meats, fish, liquids i.e. soups...Read More

    • Ziploc Vacuum Bags

      Contact NowZiploc Vacuum BagsProduct Packaging Our stand up pouches can be custom sized and printed to serve the needs of brands in a wide range of markets. We provide flexible packaging solutions for coffee roasters, health food startups, pharmaceutical companies, cannabrands, and so many more. Whether you need a...Read More

    • Factory for 10''*14'' Plain Vacuum Pouches Flexible Packaging from China

      Contact NowFactory for 10''*14'' Plain Vacuum Pouches Flexible Packaging from ChinaProduct Details Product Description As technology leader of flexible packaging material, GreenPak is the perfect factory manufacturer in China. GreenPak concentrates on food packaging solutions for food's freshness and safety; innovational packaging solutions for functional requests from...Read More

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