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Improvement of Current Products

At GreenPak, our domestic and abroad engineers have more than 10-years experience in the line of food packaging in China. They are devoted to improve our current products in terms of clarity of film, the exact thickness tolerance, the excellent sealing performance, good design of pouch. Until now they have designed and practiced many successful solutions for customers with kinds of demand on packaging Our main and mature products are vacuum pouch, embossed vacuum pouch, vacuum sealer rolls, forming film, lidding film, stand up pouches, printed bags, lamination film, VFFS and HFFS material..

GreenPak is good at dispatching every technology member into their most professional field to consolidate and develop GreenPak fluently.


Development and Innovation of future products

At GreenPak, we not only focus on current products, but also concentrate on future products. We encourage innovation at GreenPak. Listening to you could help us create idea to offer better solution. That is why we established packaging technology department in response to customers’ problems.
We have the leading provider of innovative technologies for plastics extrusion—German engineers of Reifenhauser who could introduce the technology in the use of blow film machine every month, which help us create new ideas of food packaging solutions.

Technical Support

When you buy products form Greenpak, you get the best technical support. We have the world advanced testing equipment to help us produce the high quality products for our customers. The test equipment we use 


Nikon Industrial Microscope

●test the layer structure of film exactly

●test the thickness of single layer exactly

●Analysis the performance index of film and help to do adjustment of production

●Analysis the material of the customer’s samples

● test and manage the material for many times to output accurate test.


●Microcomputer automatic operation can provide high accuracy

●show the transmittance and haze at the same time so it’s easier for customer to know the haze or transmittance of his product.


Coefficients of Friction Tester

●Professionally applicable to the determination of static and kinetic coefficients of friction of the films, bags

●It can improve the speed of your food packaging 


Heat Seal Tester

●Measure seal temperature and seal pressure when the film can be heat sealed

●At the fixed temperature and pressure to see the film whether can be heat sealed


Auto Tensile Tester

●class-one testing accuracy

●7 kinds of independent procedure including stretch, stripping, heat seal etc.

●multi-force value sensor

●7 testing speed


Technology cooperation

Germany technology: our engineer can receive training from German Renfeihauser engineer in the using of blow film machine. We also send our engineers to German for further study. We do research together in the new co-extruded material .They not only give us technology introduction on the process but also help us do improvement. Every time we take apart the equipment for maintain they will give us support and make optimization. 

Raw material supplier: Dupont, BASF, Exxomobile are top 500 companies in the world. With these famous raw material suppliers and their assistance on the export security test, security certificate of the raw material, we can provide you eco-friendly material. 

Labthink: the leader in processing and drafting that has more than 10 national standards and has been granted more than 100 partners is our test machine supplier. With their perfect after-sale service and quality guarantee on hardware, we can provide you accurate size as you required.


Communicate with national laboratory on technology of Flexible packaging material we make new project on innovation of co-extrusion material. The national laboratory helps us make deep analysis on the material, so we can provide you accurate test report.

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