Factory of Zipper Top Stand-Up Bags / Doypack for Coffee and Dry Food

Factory of Zipper Top Stand-Up Bags / Doypack for Coffee and Dry Food

Product description

GreenPak Zipper Top Stand-Up Bags for Coffee Packaging Bags Black coffee Bags

Also known as: zipper bags, SUP, stand up vacuum pouches,doypack


GreenPak provide a variety of vertical bag including: vertical bag; Foil bag, vertical, vertical zipper bags. These types of packaging each have personal meaning. Our vertical bags in stock and custom printing options. We use the latest technology of Rotary intaglio printing as many as 9 different color custom printing vertical bag.


l  Excellent self-standing for maximum display and presentation

l  Suitable for products of up to 500g

l  Highly versatile, suitable for multiple applications, e.g. retortable, microwaveable, etc

l  Highly suitable for Shaped pouch application

l  Excellent for refill pack application

l  Low storage and transportation cost

l  Wide range of punch hole can be incorporated

l  Can incorporate re-closable closures

l  Easy tear with V-cut or laser scoring

l  Excellent properties on keeping aroma,shape and humidity out

l  Excellent properties on oxygen barrier

l  High perforation and puncture resistant

l  Less leaks when packing rigid or sharp-edged products

l  Longer shelf life, storage time

Application of Stand Up Zipper Pouches


Pack for Coffee


Pack for Sugar


Pack for Crop

Different Shape for Bottom SeaL



           /CORNER SEAL


                   K SEAL


            DOYEN STYLE

          ROUND BOTTOM

Suitable for dry food fingers less moisture, not easy to deteriorate, easy to carry food:such as rice,wheat,soybeans,corn,potatoes

All kinds of coffee beans,also ground coffee

Ideal for packing Cookies, chocolates, candy, Dried fruit and nuts, Coffee and tea, Powdered mixes, Pet treats, VItamins, Bath salts…

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