GreenPak Zipper Top Stand-Up Barrier Pouch for Cookie Food Packaging Bags

GreenPak Zipper Top Stand-Up Barrier Pouch for Cookie Food Packaging Bags

Product description

GreenPak Zipper Top Stand-Up Barrier Pouch for Cookie Food Packaging Bags

Also known as: stand up pouch bags, clear stand up pouches, stand up pouches packaging


GreenPak Stand Up Zipper Pouches are one of the most popular display packaging options for bulk items. These pouches can stand up with a durable bottom gusset, and can be sealed perfectly with a zip closure to keep food longer shelf life.

Stand up bags provides consumers with the market-friendly features, such as zipper reclosure, tear trough, and functional versatility, strong shelf presence and attractive advertising labels, and graphics card. Stand-up bags sold to market, and there are a variety of colors and structures. Stand-up bag is one of the most popular on the market today.


·Good properties on gas barrier, moisture proof

·Self-supporting pouch design enables the package to stand by itself when filled

·Tear-away notches provide convenient access when heat sealed

·Strong re-sealable zipper

·Printed, kraft, oval window and metallized styles also available

·High clarity laminated material

·Food Safe - FDA and CFIA approved materials

·Longer shelf life, storage time

Application of Stand Up Zipper Pouches


Common in use for Cookies, chocolates, candy,Granola, jerky and trail mix,Dried fruit and nuts, Coffee and tea, Powdered mixes, Pet treats, VItamins, Bath salts…


1.What’s the functions of stand up pouches?

Self-reliance bag has good sealing and the strength of the composite material, is not easily broken and leak, with light weight, less material consumption, easy transportation and other advantages.Self-reliance bags have resistance to chemical attack, luster, some transparent or translucent. Most are good insulators.Self-supporting zipper bag, light weight, tighten. Can be mass production, the price is cheap.Self-supporting zipper bags of multi-functional, more practical, easy to color, and some of the high temperature.

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