2/3 Sides Seals Vacuum Pouches

2/3 Sides Seals Vacuum Pouches

GreenPak 90um clear sealer vacuum pouches for poultry packaging Vacuum Pouches – Uses and Applications Long term storage of dry foods : Nuts, cereals, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish, coffee, crisps and powders. S hort term storage of fresh foods: Vegetables, meats, fish, liquids i.e. soups...
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2/3 sides seals vacuum pouches
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GreenPak's Vacuum Pouches

Our vacuum pouches are made from 7/9 layers co-extruded film.Soft touch means excellent performance in anti-puncture;High standard raw materials lead our good oxygen and water barrier;Strict manufacture process shows our nice surface.

Customized? Of course!

Vacuum Pouches,GreenPak is the most professional!

Application of Vacuum Pouches






Long term storage of dry foods: Nuts, cereals, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish, coffee, crisps and powders.

Short term storage of fresh foods: Vegetables, meats, fish, liquids i.e. soups

Frozen foods: Vacuum pouches prevent freezer burn by shielding food from exposure to the cold, dry air. Freezer burn occurs when the surface of frozen food becomes dehydrated, leading to a leathery appearance and impaired flavour.

Vacuum pouches are used storing foodstuffs; which can extend its life by up to five times. Vacuum packaging creates an airless environment to prevent food from spoiling.

This is achieved by:

  • Preventing the growth of microorganisms

  • Removing atmospheric oxygen

  • Limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi

  • Preventing the evaporation of volatile components

We offer a comprehensive range of over 100 sizes of vacuum pouch, with features including:

  • Clear and Coloured – Clear, Blue Tint, Black Tint, Yellow Tint, White Tint, 

  • Various Thickness – we stock 50 micron, 65 micron, 70 micron, High Barrier 80 micron and 90 micron.

  • Tubular pouches

  • Our vacuum pouches are cookable up to 90ºC and suitable for ‘Sous Vide’ cooking.

  • High puncture resistance bone guard pouches


  • Meat products: dry meat, sausage, bacon etc..

  • Seafood food: fish, shrimp and crab and other seafood.

  • Food processing, microwave food and frozen food.

  • Other foods:

  • Rice, herbs, tea, coffee, dried and fresh fruits,

  • Taro, soy products, seeds, dry goods and goods north and south.

  • Electronic parts and all kinds of hardware parts.



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