FDA Approved 3-side Seal Vacuum Pouch For Sausage Packaging

FDA Approved 3-side Seal Vacuum Pouch For Sausage Packaging

GreenPak offers vacuum pouch & bags with extensive range of high barrier PA/EVOH/PE-based 9, 7, layer Co-extrusion film .pouches are available in various sizes, have great strength and high clarity,For Packaging FOOD PRODUCTS - Hard cheese , dairy, Meat, fish , marine, Frozen foods ...
Product description

FDA approved 3-side seal vacuum pouch for sausage packaging

Product Description

  • Product Name: Vacuum Bag Food Packaging Bag

  • Processing Type: Blow Molding Air Cool

  • Product Name: Vacuum Bag Food Packaging Bag

  • Certificate: FDA,SGS,CFIA,ISO

  • Thinkness: 0.08-0.225 Mm=80-250 Mircon

  • Size: Customized

  • Material: PA/PE,PA/EVOH/PE

  • Transparency: Transparent

  • Feature: Moisture Proof

  • Color: 1-9 Color

  • Logo: Available Customized

  • Transport Package: Standard Export Carton

  • Origin: Jiangyin


   Perfect sealing performance with wide temperature range 

   Suitable for vacuum chamber machine like VC999

   Excellent mechanical properties, low thickness, cost-effective 

   Extensive oxygen transmission rate

   Good properties on gas barrier, moisture proof

   Longer shelf life and food grade

   BPA-free and FDA approved  






What is vacuum packing?


Vacuum packing is packing a product in a bag or piece of film with a low oxygen density, from which all the air is removed and closed off through a seal.

What is vacuum packing used for?


With food products, vacuum packing is especially used to prolong the tenability of the product without loss of quality. Vacuuming is sometimes also used to ripen products, such as fresh meat and specific types of cheese. For (technical) products that are sensitive to rust or dust, vacuum packing is a good solution.

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