3 Side Seal Sous Vide Transparent Retort Bags

3 Side Seal Sous Vide Transparent Retort Bags

Product description

Vacuum Seal for Food 3 Side Seal Sous Vide Pouches Transparent Retort Bags

Also known as: flexible packaging bags, cooking bags, food retort bags


GreenPak Transparent cooking bags are microwave ovens. In some countries, it is also known as the sterile bags or instant bags.


·Created for aseptic processing and design, take over 121°C in a retort oven

·Includes a variety of special features, such as resealable zipper, vents, easy-tear

·Suitable for Self-standing and shaped pouches

·Excellent mechanical properties, low thickness, cost-effective

·Used for Ready-to-Eat packaging, sauces and wet pet foods.

Application of Retort Bags


Common in use for Pet Foods, Seafood, Sauces and Gravies, Poultry & Beef meat.


1.How to put the food with oil into the vacuum bag?

Not a pure liquid oil, vacuum will be pumped out.If oily food can, such as cooked chicken, ducks and other oily food.You want to use the vacuum dry wet amphibious machine pumping air into vacuum state, the vacuum machine can smoke oily stuff.

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