Vacuum Sealers Rolls for Vacuum Sealing Machines

Vacuum Sealers Rolls for Vacuum Sealing Machines

Product description

Vacuum Sealers Rolls for Vacuum sealing machines

Also known as: textured vacuum rolls; embossed vacuum rolls; vacuum sealer rolls


GreenPak vacuum sealer rolls made from the highest quality of multi-PA/PE for food safety. Need PA (polyamide) layer to prevent air from entering the bag, which is a external air impenetrability. PE (polyethylene) can safely come into contact with food, food certification. These rolls can be used fridge, microwave (first put a small crack in the bag), you can even boil in the bag. In addition, you do not have to allow hot foods to cool, then add these special rolls.


·Highly suitable for vacuum sealer from FoodSaver/ Magic Vac™

·Suitable for the sous-vide low-temperature cooking

·Keep the product fresh and free of preservatives

·High puncture resistance and easy to take air

·BPA free and FDA approved MATERIALS

·Microwave and Dishwasher safe

·Boilable - Perfect for sous vide cooking

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