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Development Trend of Food Packaging Industry
May 12, 2018

Green Packaging

"Green packaging" is also called "sustainable packaging," in short, "recyclable, easily degradable, and lightweight." At present, more and more countries and regions in the world have used different methods to restrict or prohibit the use of plastic products. In addition to “replacement with paper” and “white pollution”, new packaging materials (such as bio- Materials) has also become the industry's search direction.

The so-called biological material refers to the use of biotechnology to process green or natural materials into packaged application materials. In some countries in Europe, grease films, proteins, etc. have been used as food packaging materials. For example, a Danish brewery develops a wooden fiber bottle, which uses greener packaging materials to achieve green degradation. Visible, biological packaging materials have a very broad prospect, the future will be applied to various fields.


With the rapid development of the packaging industry and the diversified demands of the consumer market, food packaging is moving in the direction of diversification of functions, including oil, moisture, freshness, high barriers, active packaging... and modern smart label technology, such as The combination of dimensional code, blockchain anti-counterfeiting, etc., with traditional packaging is also the development trend of the food packaging industry in the future.

According to the author's understanding, a company that focuses on fresh product preservation technology is trying nanotechnology preservation packaging. According to related personnel, the green inorganic packaging box using nanotechnology is non-toxic and odorless. It can not only restrain the food in the box (if the vegetable) from breathing, but also absorb the gas emitted by the fruits and vegetables to regulate the internal temperature and effectively extend the temperature. The shelf life of fruits and vegetables. In addition, the entire transportation process does not require any refrigerant, and it also has the effect of saving energy.

Safe and reliable

We know that food can not be separated from the packaging, and most of the packaging materials are directly or indirectly exposed to the product, food residues in the packaging of hazardous substances are too high, food safety incidents caused by food migration.

In addition, the basic function of packaging is to protect the safety of food. However, some food packaging has not only failed to protect food, but has also contaminated food because of its unqualified packaging. Therefore, the non-toxic and harmless food packaging materials play a vital role in ensuring food safety.

Recently, an important new national standard for food contact materials has begun full implementation, which clearly requires that “food contact use”, “food packaging use” or similar language, or printing, should be indicated on the final product of food contact materials and products. Adding a note to the chopsticks sign, to a certain extent, ensures the safety of food packaging materials.

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