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The advantage of vacuum packaging
Jun 15, 2017

Vacuum packing is packing a product in a bag or piece of film with a low oxygen density, from which all the air is removed and closed off through a seal.

By using the best quality PA and a special layer technique, GREEN films are less weak in the formed corners by an equal or even lower thickness.

There Are Various Benefits Of Vacuum Packaging For Which These Are Highly Used In Different Industries:

-Best Packaging For Food Products such as   fresh meats, processed meats, cheeses, seafood and other perishable products.

-EVOH layer and 3 PA barrier layers, high   barrier  and perfect puncture resistance performance

-Longer shelf life up to 5 times

-Highly prone to the exposure of moisture.

-MLLDPE sealing layer, with excellent   sealing performance

-Excellent heat resistance allows sous vide cooking up to 90°C

Various nutritional items are packed in the vacuum pouches, just to preserve their colour, taste, flavour, and quality. The taste and quality of the food items are highly appreciated by the consumers. GreenPak is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum pouches. Its products are manufactured as per various safety standards in order to ensure safe and flexible packaging. So whatever may be your packing needs, GreenPak provides the best solution.


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